Save a mechanic’s time and costs by using a secure jointed Einon® Fuel Intake Pipe which speeds
up the installation process of a supplementary heater. Installing a supplementary heater is easy
and fast by using Einon® Fuel Intake Pipe which has a unique attachment and is absolutely tight.

  • Einon® Fuel Intake Pipe is a Finnish invention with a high-quality design and is well accepted on the market.
  • Eco-friendly Einon® Fuel Intake Pipe is fully made from reusable materials.
  • From our catalog, you will find every fuel intake pipe needed to install a supplementary heater. The product can be used in metal and plastic fuel containers.
  • Opening needed for the fuel tank is only 13 mm in all products. The thickness of the fuel tank can be from 0 to 12 mm.
  • High-quality sealing material is made for gas- and diesel fuels. The seal has an update monitoring from the manufacturer.
  • Seal hold and functionality has been tested for 28 days with 0,35 bar pressure in metal and plastic fuel containers.
  • Regarding pricing Einon® Fuel Intake Pipe is the most affordable and best product on the market.

Einon® Fuel Intake Pipe

  • Over 30 000 installed products
  • Manufactured since 1989
  • On the market in Sweden, Denmark and Finland
  • Customers incl.:
    • Eberspächer AB, Sweden
    • Webasto Klima, Denmark
    • Wihuri Oy, Finland
  • One year international guarantee

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Einon Tech Oy or
Tel. +358 40 841 1930